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The Icon journal of nessismore

Current obsessions are Harry Potter, Star Wars, Leverage, Warehouse 13, and Doctor Who.

Ships include: Han/Leia (Star Wars), Jackie/Hyde (That '70s Show), Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter), Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), Kate/Will (Sanctuary), Zuko/Katara (ATLA), Rose/Nine (Doctor Who), Rory/Amy (Doctor Who), Hardison/Parker (Leverage)

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Screencap Credits:
Doctor Who: Series 1: nancherrow, Series 5: enchantedfleur, All Series: ginevra_caps, "The Idiot's Lantern:" edele, "Journey's End:" marishna, "The Stolen Earth": inadream_caps
Harry Potter: SS: paperlate, DH: dhmoviepics
INCEPTION homeofthenutty; midnight_road; likesototallyme
Leverage: Seasons 1&2: http://c0rinne.net/leverage/, Season 3: burgundy_shoes and rawr_caps
Sanctuary: www.sanctuary-caps.com
Star Wars: darciana
Warehouse 13: krissiecaps
White Collar: midnight_road
Power Rangers: rawr_caps // Ranger Central

infinite_muse // brazen_water // roscosolano // killcolor // vividtruth // hellish_media // haudvafra // slayground; softfluorescent // // -dunham
// midnight_road // unpresented // vikyvampirs90 // jeyla4ever // mellowmint // softfluorescent //

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